Manjari, Caraïbe, Guanaja, Jivara…


Valrhona supplier

just some of the scintillating names of the ”grands crus de terroir” with Valrhona’s exceptionally aromatic notes that rank among the top chocolates in the world.

My revelation came around 20 years ago at the table of a reknowned Michelin star restaurant. The sweet finishing note after an exquisite meal was a chocolate mousse, but this was not just any chocolate mousse, it was composed of the Grand Cru Manjari 64% from Valrhona. It is there that the gastronomic revelation begins. The light bitterness allied with a fresh, sharp and acidic bouquet that finishes with intense forest berry notes. I had just discovered that ”grand cru” chocolate could be used to wonderful (tasty) advantages in desserts. I had just entered another dimension, that of excellence in the domain of taste.

Following this wonderful discovery, my knowledge of Valrhona chocolate and its ”Chocolat de terroir” continued to expand, with further tasting of the diverse aromatic profiles that emanate from these single origin Grand Cru chocolates and the blended origins of Grand Cru chocolates

To cite just a few:

– Caraïbe 66% : Its fruity and barely sweet taste reveals the delicate flavors of almonds , dried fruits and roasted coffee

– Andoa 70% (fair trade and organic) : a burst of freshness followed by a beautiful unique bitterness.

– Bahibé Lacté 46% : The smoothness of the milk paired with intense cacao notes, coupled with shades of dried fruits and a final flourish of lovely acidity and a hint of bitterness.

Years later, it is in Canada, Montreal to be precise, that my path crosses again with the great chocolate Valrhona.

Valrhona supplier in Quebec, Montreal and OttawaA SERIES OF COINCIDENCES …

February 2013 – I learn in the news about the launch of a completely new chocolate with a cookie flavour: le Dulcey. Valrhona has just invented a new color of chocolate, a BLOND chocolate.

In the midst of the flurry of success that greets this new blond chocolate, I am coincidentally contacted by the official distributor for Valrhona in Quebec who offers me to take the reins of the sales development of Valrhona in the foodservice sector (restaurants, pastries, bakeries, chocolatiers)

Fastforward to summer 2014, where a new importer-distributor is created: DOMAINE DES GOURMETS , whose goals are to promote the CULINARY VALUES and make the ULTIMATE DELICACIES accessible through a range of high-end products for which the Valrhona mark is just the leader.